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Ancient Chaldeans

Ancient Chaldeans in Biblical Archaeology. 

This painting depicts an ancient inhabitant of Chaldea, an official who was being presented with a land grant by Merodach-baladan II (according to the black marble inscription). The Chaldeans were descendants of Arphaxad, the third of the five sons of Shem (See the Table of Nations in Genesis 10). Chaldea also spelled Chaldaea, Assyrian Kaldu, Babylonian Kasdu, Hebrew Kasddim, Aramaic Kasdaye. Chaldea is mentioned frequently in the Old Testament. Chaldea was a country in the ancient Near East in the fertile and swampy southern regions of Tigris and Euphrates Valley in ancient Mesopotamia. Its capital was Babylon, and Abraham is mentioned as having been called by God from Ur of the Chaldees. The boundaries of Chaldea were Mesopotamia on the north, the Arabian Desert on the west, the Persian Gulf on the south, and the Zagros mountains of Persia on the east. Its ancient name was Shinar because the LORD came down and changed their languages and shook the people out of the land to populate the rest of the world. The ancient empires that arose out of the Tigris and Euphrates Valley were Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia. They were all very united in spite of their many rulers and spoke the ancient Akkadian language. Most of the Chaldean buildings were made of brick, unlike the Egyptians who used stone. Anything dating before 2000 BC are very shapeless ruins of temples and other buildings with their high platforms and winding staircases. At the top were altars for sacrifice and a place for the priests who observed the stars. The excavations have been quite extensive around Babylon, although the area is near impossible to excavate due to the high water table. There are some rare Chaldean sculpture located at various museums including the Louvre.

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