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C. Hassell Bullock

Origins of Hebrew Prophecy

"The evidence is still insufficient to draw any confident conclusion regarding the origins of Hebrew prophecy. The one thing that can be said confidently is that prophecy, like temple and sacrifice, was a general phenomenon in the ancient world of the Bible. The attempt to trace its origins to any one culture outside of Israel is no more possible than it would be to trace Mari or Canaanite prophecy to its derivation.

So far as the OT generally and the prophets particularly were concerned, prophecy had its origins in the call of Yahweh. Through the prophets He revealed His will for Israel and spoke his Word of judgment and salvation. To be sure, it was not a unique phenomenon. Yet although the study of parallels may produce useful results, the question of origins remains unanswered. The best and most illuminating sources for understanding Hebrew prophecy are found in the OT itself."

C. Hassell Bullock "An Introduction To The Old Testament Prophetic Books" (Chicago: Moody Press, 1986) pp. 14-15