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Ezer Weizmann

Jerusalem - 3000 Years of History

"Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, has always been a lodestone and a source of inspiration to people of different religions and to people from many cultures throughout the world. 

Many have longed to reach it - pilgrims, curious travelers, commanders of armies, and artists who have been enchanted by the city. They have visited it, have been captivated by its by its charms, have imprinted their impression upon it, and have created a marvelous and unique blend of influences.

Since the time of King David, Jerusalem has written a central page in the history of mankind. The annals of this marvelous city are also fascinating chapters in the history of the world's nations, and exploring these also opens a window upon diverse art works of spectacular beauty.

Jerusalem has not infrequently found itself at the center of regional and global disputes. I hope the day is not distant when Jerusalem, the 3,000-year-old city, will be a model for the solution of conflicts and a symbol of tolerance and co-existence."

Ezer Weizmann
President of the State of Israel

Foreword by Ezer Weizmann. David Arnon, Editor "Jerusalem Stone and Spirit" (Jerusalem: Matan Arts Publishers, 1997) p. 9