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George Allen Turner


"The Holy Land - the narrow bridge linking Africa, Europe, and Asia - remains a focal point of global significance. It has several names. "Land of Canaan" commemorates its inhabitants prior to the coming of the Israelites. The term "Palestine" honors the Philistines, who migrated from the Greek islands to the southeast coastal area of Palestine during the twelfth century B.C. It also was called the "Land of Israel" since the establishment of the kingdom there under King Saul and King David. From the Roman period until modern times, it was known as a part of "Syria." But to Abraham and his descendants it remains "The Promised Land."

"Palestine" is the name still most widely used, although there are voices today that say this name is no longer applicable - given the choice neither the Arab nor the Jew would choose this name."

George Allen Turner, "Historical Geography of the Holy Land" (Baker Book House Company, 1973) p. x, Preface.