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Ancient Bible Garments - Dresses

Illustration of the High Priest Illustration of the High Priest
The dress of the ancient Jewish High Priest.
Median Dress Median Dress
Illustration of a Median dress.
Old Persian Dress Old Persian Dress
Illustration of an old Persian dress.
Ancient Monks and Pilgrims Ancient Monks and Pilgrims
Typical dress of ancient monks and pilgrims.
Oriental Costumes Oriental Costumes
Typical types of Oriental dresses or costumes.
Bedouin Dresses Bedouin Dresses
Typical dresses worn by Bedouins.
Dress Of Superior Class Dress Of Superior Class
Illustration of a dress worn by men of superior class.
Persons of Superior Class Persons of Superior Class
Dresses worn by men who belong to superior class.
Modes Of Wearing Hyke Dress Modes Of Wearing Hyke Dress
Illustration of various mode of wearing the hyke dress.
Warm Weather Dress Warm Weather Dress
Typical dresses worn during warm weather during the bible times.
Travellers Robe Travellers Robe
Illustration of robes worn by travelers. The robe is more succint and compact and the robe was girded up about the loins in a firm manner. Travelers also usually wears a sword during this time.
Sleeves Drawn By Cords Sleeves Drawn By Cords
Illustration showing the manner of tucking up the sleeves, which was by drawing it up with a cord at the back of the dress.
Mantle Mantle
An article of dress called mantle or cloak are seen here in this illustration as worn by men.
Cloak of the Bedouins Cloak of the Bedouins
Illustration of a square cloak worn by a Bedouin. This cloak has an opening in front, and slits in the sides to let out the arms.