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Bronze Ashtaroth Bronze Ashtaroth
Illustration of a bronze sculpture of Ashtaroth.
Jupiter Coryphean Smyrna Jupiter Coryphean Smyrna
Illustration of the male deity Jupiter Coryphean Smyrna.
Terra Cotta Statue Of Boodh Terra Cotta Statue Of Boodh
Illustration of the terra cotta statue of Boodh dating about 200 B.C.
Druse Calf Of Bronze Druse Calf Of Bronze
Illustration of a bronze Druse calf which were worshiped by the Druses.
Eagle-headed Figure Eagle-headed Figure
Eagle-headed figure supposedly Nisroch.
Ancient Diana Ancient Diana
A sculpture of an idol representing the ancient Diana.
Nebuchadnezzars Golden Image Nebuchadnezzars Golden Image
The golden statue of Nebuchadnezzar in the Plain of Dura.