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Ancient Egyptian Sculpture - Animal Forms

Lion of Reddish Granite Lion of Reddish Granite
Sculpture of a lion.
Bronze Lion Bronze Lion
An illustration of a bronze sculpture of a lion. In the Boulak Museum. Drawn by Bourgoin.
Head Of A Cynocephalus Head Of A Cynocephalus
An illustration of the head of a cynocephalus.
Head Of A Lion Head Of A Lion
An illustration of the head of a lion.
Head Of A Lioness Head Of A Lioness
Illustration of the head of a lioness.
Picture of Mammoth Picture of Mammoth
Picture of mammoth carved in ivory.
Tooth of Cave Bear Tooth of Cave Bear
Tooth of cave bear with picture of seal.
Stone Lion Stone Lion
A stone lion sculpture, from a specimen in the British Museum.
Sak Sak
Illustration of a sculpture of a female sak. A figure which is united a bird, a quadruped and a vegetable production in one. This had a head of a hawk, body of a lion and a tail terminating into a full blown lotus.
Sacred Hawk Sacred Hawk
Sculpture of an ancient Egyptian sacred hawk, from the specimen in the British Museum.
Stone Scarabaeus Stone Scarabaeus
Illustration of the stone scarabaeus covered with wings. With the sun and asps are of silver.
Sphinx of King Apries Sphinx of King Apries
Bronze Sphinx of King Apries, (589-570 BC), 26th dynasty.
Cat Goddess Bastet Cat Goddess Bastet
The cat goddess Bastet, Ancient Egypt Musée du Louvre.
Detail of the Statuette Bastet Detail of the Statuette Bastet
Detail of the statuette Bastet.
Naophore Statuette Naophore Statuette
Dignitary of the Saite period around the neck on a pendant with the image of the goddess Neith.
Commemorative Scarab Commemorative Scarab
Commemorative scarab of the Kushite Victory of the pharaoh Shabaka.
Cobra Statue Cobra Statue
Ancient Egyptian statue of a cobra, Luxor Museum.
Dung Beetle Dung Beetle
Egyptian dung beetle, Karnak.
Quartzite Baboon Statue Quartzite Baboon Statue
Quartzite baboon statue with inscription of the name of Amenophis III.
Horus Falcon Horus Falcon
Statue of Horus Falcon, replica at entrance to Edfu temple in Egypt at Rosicrucian Park in San Jose, California.