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Ancient Israel Geography - Hills and Mountains

Mount Carmel Mount Carmel
A mountain which forms a strikin characteristic of Palestine.
View of the Summit of Mount Hor View of the Summit of Mount Hor
The view of the summit of Mount Hor where Aaron died.
Mount of Olives Mount of Olives
Well known eminence in the east of Jerusalem, intimately connected with some of the gravest events of biblical history.
Valley and Town of the Ancient Sheehem Valley and Town of the Ancient Sheehem
Valley and Town of the ancient Sheehem.
View of Mount Tabor View of Mount Tabor
A remarkable mountain of Palestine, rises abruptly from the northeastern arm of the Plain of Esdraelon.
Jebal Serbal Jebal Serbal
Peak of Jebal Serbal in Sinai.
Summit of Jebel Musa Summit of Jebel Musa
The summit of Jebel Musa, which means Mountain of Moses.
Ras-es-Sufsafeh Ras-es-Sufsafeh
Illustration of the Ras-es-Sufsafeh from the plain of Er-Rahah in Sinai.
Mount Tabor Mount Tabor
Illustration of Mount Tabor, from the west.
Mount Zion Mount Zion
Illustration of Mount Zion, from the hill of evil counsel.
Tell Zif Tell Zif
Tell Zif, the rounded hill in Hebron.