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Ancient Roman Travel - Travel Clothes

Travelling Hat Travelling Hat
An ancient Roman broad brimmed felt hat from a fictile vase. A covering for the head is a must for travels.
Travelling Shoes Travelling Shoes
Ancient Roman travelling shoes, from a bronze vase in the Collegio Romano and Pompeian painting. The ordinary ancient Roman shoe was somewhat like the modern shoe, it protected both the sole and the upper part of the foot and was fastened with laces or straps. Socks were not worn but those with tender or cold feet protected their feet by wrapping strips of cloth around them.
Roman Tunic Roman Tunic
An ancient Roman travelling tunic. This garment was used by both men and women. From column of Trajan.
Roman Paenula Roman Paenula
During rainy and cold weather a tunic like garment called paenula was used for travels during ancient Roman times. This was made out of thick heavy cloth or leather, was of dark color, had no sleeves and was drawn on over the head.