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Ancient Egyptian Daily Life - Plants And Flowers

Nymphaea Nelumbo Nymphaea Nelumbo
An illustration of the Nymphaea Nelumbo or the true red Egyptian lotus, that no longer exist in wild state or either in Egypt or any other known part of Africa.
Papyrus Plant Gautier Papyrus Plant Gautier
Illustration of a Papyrus plant as drawn in the gardens of the Luxembourg in Paris by M. Saint-Elme Gautier.
Dom and Date Palms Dom and Date Palms
The dom and date palms.
Egyptian Wheat Egyptian Wheat
An Egyptian wheat.
Papyrus Plant Papyrus Plant
Illustration of a papyrus plant.
Cyperus Papyrus Cyperus Papyrus
The cyperus papyrus or commonly called the papyrus plant. This plant was well known to the ancient as being the plant of the waters of Egypt.
Egyptian Wheat Egyptian Wheat
Illustration of Egyptian wheat.