Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Bible Manners and Customs - Oils and Perfumes

Ancient Oil Presses Ancient Oil Presses
These are ancient stone oil-presses.
Perfume Sprinkler Perfume Sprinkler
The image represents a sprinkler still in use in some parts of India.
Ancient Lamp Ancient Lamp
Common lamps among the Greeks and Romans are made of clay and the costly ones are made of bronze or silver.
Ancient Lamp Stand Ancient Lamp Stand
Ordinary lamp stand are made of wood and the costly ones are made of bronze.
Torches Torches
In many places in the East according to Chardin, instead of torches they carry a pot of oil and a lamp full of oily rags on the others.
Alabastra Alabastra
Alabastra comes in various shape and sizes and according to Epiphanius it is ordinarily used as a container for fragrant ointments.