Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Bible Manners and Customs - Punishment for Prisoners

Blinding a Prisoner Blinding a Prisoner
This kind of punishment is still common in Persia on Prince who have declared to have forfeited their right to the throne.
Bronze Fetters from Nineveh Bronze Fetters from Nineveh
Fetters were in various shape and materials. Those which were put on Zedekiah were made of brass or copper.
Men Bridled Men Bridled
An illustration of prisoners brought to the king with iron ring thrust to their lower lip.
In the Stocks In the Stocks
It is simply a bar of wood to which the feet of the prisoner is chained.
Enemies Trampled on Enemies Trampled on
Egypt, Assyria and Persia gives numerous account of the custom of conquerors trampling on the vanquished.