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Ancient Egyptian Gods - Bes

The God Bes The God Bes
An illustration of the Egyptian God Bes. From the Louvre Museum.
Statuette Of Egyptian God Bes Statuette Of Egyptian God Bes
Statuette of the Egyptian God Bes made of enamelled earthenware.
Bes Bes
Bes was an Egyptian deity whose appearance is that of a fat bearded dwarf. He is often shown sticking out his tongue.
Bes Holding Nosegays Bes Holding Nosegays
Illustration of the Egyptian deity Bes holding nosegays.
Armed Bes Armed Bes
An armed illustration of the Egyptian deity Bes, the protector of childbirth.
Bes and Hi Bes and Hi
Illustration of the dwarf like Egyptian deity Bes and Hi.
Bes Like Hercules Bes Like Hercules
Illustration of Bes in a Hercules like form. This Egyptian deity is known as defender of everything good and the enemy of all that is bad.
Bronze Figure of Bes Bronze Figure of Bes
Illustration of the bronze figure of Bes from the British Museum.
Bes Seated Holding Some Object Bes Seated Holding Some Object
An illustration of Bes seated while holding some kind of an object, from the specimen in the British Museum.