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Ancient Egyptian Gods - Ptah

Ptah Ptah
Illustration of a plate showing various forms of ancient Egyptian god Ptah or Phtha, the primal creator. He is the first of all the gods, creator of the world and all that is in it.
Ptah In Form Of Stability Ptah In Form Of Stability
Ptah under the form of stability.
Porcelain Figure of Ptah-Socharis-Osiris Porcelain Figure of Ptah-Socharis-Osiris
A porcelain figure of ancient Egyptian dwarf deity Ptah-Socharis-Osiris. From a specimen in the British Museum.
Ptah-Socharis-Osiris Ptah-Socharis-Osiris
Ancient Egyptian god Ptah-Socharis-Osiris, a form of Ptah particularly worshipped at Memphis.
Ka Ka
Frog-headed deity, Ka. The father of the fathers of the gods and is another form of Ptah.
Sepulchral Figure of Ptah-Socharis-Osiris Sepulchral Figure of Ptah-Socharis-Osiris
A sepulchral figure of Ptah-Socharis-Osiris used as a box for holding mummified objects.