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Ancient Egyptian Gods - Horus

Horus Horus
Image of Horus,the god of the sky, the son of Osiris.
Horus As A Child Horus As A Child
Enamelled earthenware sculpture of Horus as a child. In the Louvre Museum.
Egyptian God Horus Egyptian God Horus
An illustration of the god Horus with inverted head and outstretched arms over the earth.
Tablet with Emblem of Horus Tablet with Emblem of Horus
Tablet surmounted by hawk, with mummied oxen perhaps emblem of Horus.
Cippus of Horus on the Crocodiles Cippus of Horus on the Crocodiles
Illustration of a cippus of Horus on the crocodiles, with the head of Bes. During the ancient Egyptian times a cippus or stele designed with images of deities and various spells were used during healing ceremonies. With proper recitations, a liquid is then poured over the cippus by the owner, priest, or physician and they believe that the liquid would then be charged with the power of the deity and it will provide a cure for illness or will serve as a protection for a person.
Horus Spearing Apap Horus Spearing Apap
Horus spearing Apap or Apophis.
Signet Ring of Horus Signet Ring of Horus
Illustration showing the signet ring of Horus.