Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Other Ancient Peoples - Orientals

Oriental Ships Oriental Ships
Illustration of Ancient Oriental ships.
Oriental Ox Cart Bearing Sheaves Oriental Ox Cart Bearing Sheaves
Illustration of an Oriental ox cart b earing sheaves.
Oriental Ox Cart Oriental Ox Cart
An ancient Oriental ox cart. The wooden wheels are solid and thickest in the middle, encircled by an iron hoop which is made fast around the edge by means of large headed-nails. These wheels are firmly attached upon the axle-tree which revolves with them under the body of the cart, giving forth unearthly sounds. This is interesting both for its antiquity and its origin and because this is the only known type of vehicle known in Bible Lands at present time.
Oriental Baskets Oriental Baskets
Illustration of ancient Oriental baskets.
Oriental Woodmans Axe Oriental Woodmans Axe
Illustration of Oriental woodmans axe.
Oriental Gentleman Oriental Gentleman
Illustration of an Oriental gentleman.
Map of the Ancient Oriental People Map of the Ancient Oriental People
The map of the ancient Oriental People.
Interior Courtyard of a Modern Oriental House Interior Courtyard of a Modern Oriental House
Interior courtyard of a modern oriental house.
Oriental Sandal Oriental Sandal
Oriental sandal.
Asiatic Crowns Asiatic Crowns
Various ancient Asiatic crowns.
Modern Asiatic Crowns Modern Asiatic Crowns
Various kind of modern Asiatic crowns.
Oriental Garden Tomb Oriental Garden Tomb
An ancient oriental garden tomb.
Oriental Domed Sepulchre Oriental Domed Sepulchre
Illustration of an Oriental domed sepulchre.
Ground Plans of Oriental Sepulchre Ground Plans of Oriental Sepulchre
Illustration of the ground plans of Oriental sepulchre.
Oriental Threshing Floor Oriental Threshing Floor
Illustration of an Oriental threshing-floor.
Threshing-Sledge Threshing-Sledge
An Oriental plain threshing-sledge.
Wheeled Threshing-Sledges Wheeled Threshing-Sledges
Illustration of two Oriental wheeled threshing sledges. Left one is bottom kind and the right one is with seat.
Ancient Oriental Tambourine Ancient Oriental Tambourine
Illustration of an ancient Oriental tambourine.