Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Egyptian Customs - Farming

Oxen Treading Corn Oxen Treading Corn
Ancient Egyptian farming method of using oxen in treading corn.
Threshing Floor Threshing Floor
Illustration of Ancient Egyptian`s method of threshing their grain. A sort of thick sled with many pieces of flint or iron under the surface is used and is drawn by a pair of oxen.
Watchmans Booth Watchmans Booth
An Egyptian farmers watchman booth. The watchman sits there day and night, with the cruse of water at his side, on the alert for thieves that might steal or for foxes, jackals and hares.
Hoes Hoes
An Egyptian hoe used as a tool for agriculture.
Winnowing Winnowing
Illustration of Ancient Egyptians winnowing, or the ancient agricultural method of separating grain from chaff.
Ploughing The Seeds Ploughing The Seeds
Ancient Egyptian sower scattering the seed on the farm.
Ancient Egyptians Farming Ancient Egyptians Farming
Illustration showing the method of farming of Ancient Egyptians.
Reaping Corn Reaping Corn
During ancient times, one of their reaping method was to pluck corn by the roots.
Using Sickle In Reaping Using Sickle In Reaping
The sickle was use in reaping corns that grow ranker.
Binding Crops Binding Crops
Binding crops into double sheaves.
Egyptian Sickles Egyptian Sickles
Ancient Egyptian sickles used in farming.
Laborers Refreshment Laborers Refreshment
During harvest laborers were given refreshments. Water in skins and jars were provided for the reapers.
Threshing With Oxen Threshing With Oxen
Ancient Egyptian threshing with oxen.
Winnowing The Grain Winnowing The Grain
Illustration of ancient Egyptians winnowing the grain. This is the process of tossing up the grain against the wind with a fork by which the broken straw or chaff were dispersed while the grain fell to the ground.
Egyptian Ploughing Hoeing and Sowing Egyptian Ploughing Hoeing and Sowing
Ploughing, hoeing and sowing in ancient Egypt. It seems to have been common in Egypt during the ancient times to plough in the seed, caring after the first ploughing, where necessary break the clods and have the ground prepared for thin furrow.
Shadoof Shadoof
Ancient Egyptians invented the shadoof to aid in irrigation. A shadoof is a device operated by hand used to raise water, it has a pole where on one end is a bucket and on the other end is the weight. Once the bucket is filled they would let go of the bucket where in the weight on the other end would raise the bucket of water.
Ancient Egyptian Sickle Ancient Egyptian Sickle
Illustration of an ancient Egyptian sickle used for cutting grain.