Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Egyptian Customs - Workers

Fullers Fullers
Egyptian fullers.
Egyptian Glass Blowers Egyptian Glass Blowers
Egyptian glass blowers.
Goldsmiths Goldsmiths
Egyptian goldsmiths.
Egyptian Blow Pipe Egyptian Blow Pipe
Egyptian blow-pipe and small fireplace with cheeks to confine and reflect the heat.
Egyptian Carpenters Egyptian Carpenters
Egyptian carpenters.
Fullers At Work Fullers At Work
Illustration of ancient Egyptian fullers at work. These fullers cleans the clothes by rubbing the cloth on an inclined plane.
Egyptian Fullers Egyptian Fullers
Ancient Egyptian fullers at work in cleansing and whitening of cloths.
Watering the Garden Watering the Garden
Ancient Egyptians watering the garden and tying up onions.
Ancient Egyptian Kabbaneh Ancient Egyptian Kabbaneh
Illustration of an ancient Egyptian kabbaneh or a public weigher and notary.