Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Egyptian Customs - Fishing

Ancient Egyptian Drag-Net Ancient Egyptian Drag-Net
Illustration of Ancient Egyptian`s method of using drag-net for fishing.
Egyptian Fishing Egyptian Fishing
Egyptian fishing.
Egyptian Spearing Fish Egyptian Spearing Fish
Egyptian spearing fish.
Landing Net Landing Net
An Egyptian landing net.
Clap Nets Clap Nets
Egyptian clap nets from Thebes.
Fishing With Hook Fishing With Hook
Ancient Egyptian`s fishing with hook.
Egyptian Fishing In A Canal Or Lake Egyptian Fishing In A Canal Or Lake
Ancient Egyptian capturing fish in a canal or lake.
Fishing With Net And Drying Fish Fishing With Net And Drying Fish
Illustration ancient Egyptians fishing with net and drying fish in the rigging of the boat. from Wilkinson.
Carrying Fish Carrying Fish
An illustration of an Egyptian carrying fish. From Rosellini.
Spearing Fish Spearing Fish
An Egyptian spearing fish. The spear was a slender rod ten or twelve feet long, feathered at the summit and carrying a double point.