Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Egyptian Customs - Musical Instruments

Musical Instrument for Dancing Musical Instrument for Dancing
A musical instrument use for dancing.
Ancient Egyptian Military Music Ancient Egyptian Military Music
Illustration of an ancient Egyptian military music, which consisted chiefly of the drum and hautboy.
Egyptian Performer On The Nay Egyptian Performer On The Nay
An illustration of an ancient Egyptian performer playing the nay.
Egyptian Tambourine Player Egyptian Tambourine Player
Illustration of an ancient Egyptian tambourine player.
Ancient Egyptian Singing Ancient Egyptian Singing
Illustration of ancient Egyptian singing.
Harp Harp
An Egyptian harp from the tomb at Thebes called Belsoni`s.
Sistra Sistra
Illustration of a sistra or sistrum, an ancient Egyptian musical instrument used by the ancient Egyptians in the worship of Isis.
Ancient Egyptian Trumpets Ancient Egyptian Trumpets
Illustration of ancient Egyptians playing ancient trumpets.