Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Egyptian Customs - Worship

Adoration Adoration
Illustration of modern Egyptian adoration.
Acient Egytptian Adoration Acient Egytptian Adoration
An image of custom worship by the ancient Egyptian.
Egyptian Worship Egyptian Worship
Ancient Egyptian`s attitude of worship. The hands were seen here in this image as stretched forth towards heaven in supplication or invocation manner.
Prostrated Upon The Ground Prostrated Upon The Ground
Some ancient Egyptians prostrated themselves upon the ground as a mode of worship.
Worship In Thebes Monument Worship In Thebes Monument
The monuments in Thebes showed the ancient Egyptians manner of smiting the breast while kneeling on one knee during worship.
Supplication Supplication
Egyptian monument showing suppliant captives of different nation kneeling or standing with outspread hands.
Lunar Deity Worship Lunar Deity Worship
Illustration showing the worship to the lunar deity.