Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Bible Customs - Animals

Broad Tailed Sheep Broad Tailed Sheep
Illustration of a broad tailed sheep.
Broad Tailed Sheep Shorn Broad Tailed Sheep Shorn
A broad tailed sheep, shorn.
Eastern Sheep With Tail In A Cart Eastern Sheep With Tail In A Cart
An illustration of an Eastern sheep, whose tail weigh ten or twelve or even more than 40 pounds, so the owners tie a small cart behind them to ease the creature and preserve the wool.
Four Horned Ram Four Horned Ram
Illustration of a four-horned ram.
Head Of A Camel Head Of A Camel
Illustration of the head of a camel.
Overworked Camel Overworked Camel
Illustration of an overworked camel. When overworked the hump of the camel is down and often almost disappears.
Pair Of Turtle Doves Pair Of Turtle Doves
An illustration of a pair of turtle doves.
Stork And Its Nest Stork And Its Nest
An illustration of the stork and its nest.
Goat Of Palestine Goat Of Palestine
A common goat during the bible times was called goat of Palestine.
Sheep Of Palestine Sheep Of Palestine
A kind of sheep commonly tended are called sheep of Palestine.
Bactrian Camel Bactrian Camel
A Bactrian camel with two hunches.
Asiatic Elephant Asiatic Elephant
An Asiatic elephant.
Cedar Of Lebanon Cedar Of Lebanon
A tree called cedar of Lebanon.