Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Bible Customs - Household Items

Household Articles Household Articles
Household articles found in ancient dunghill.
Wooden Mortar And Pestle Wooden Mortar And Pestle
An illustration of a wooden mortar and pestle.
Jeweled Censers Jeweled Censers
Illustration of jeweled censers. When the master of the house decides to honor his guests, before the coffee and pipes were brought in he would first offer them fumes of perfumed incense using these jeweled censers.
Oriental Chairs And Stools Oriental Chairs And Stools
Illustration of Oriental chairs and stools, which were mentioned in the Book of Kings in the Bible.
Common Table And Tray Common Table And Tray
Illustration of common table and tray. The table is about two feet high, eighteen inches wide and beautifully carved.
Coffee Pot And Cups Coffee Pot And Cups
Set of coffee pot and cups.
Collation Wicker Table Collation Wicker Table
A collation wicker table.
Oriental Cup Oriental Cup
Illustration of an ancient Oriental cup.
Basin And Ewer Basin And Ewer
Illustration of a basin and ewer made of whitened copper. After eating the basin and ewer were used to wash ones hand and mouth.
Bed and Head-rest Bed and Head-rest
Illustration of a bed having a head-rest.
Beds Beds
A bed from fellow, Asia Minor.
Rose Water Bottle Rose Water Bottle
An illustration of a rose water bottle. Rose water is one of the flavor of sherbet, a refreshment given to guests during the bible times
Oriental Table and Tray Oriental Table and Tray
An Oriental table and tray used for eating.