Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Bible Customs - Houses

Caranvanserai Caranvanserai
Eastern Inn or caravanserai.
Ancient Tent Ancient Tent
Illustration of a kind of ancient tent where Noah lived for some time after he came out of the ark.
Garden House Garden House
A garden house or also called summer house.
Shepherds Light House Shepherds Light House
Illustration of a shepherds light house, which were made of light materials so that it can easily be taken down when a change of station become necessary.
Guest Chamber Guest Chamber
The guest chamber of an Oriental house.
Open Kitchen Open Kitchen
An open kitchen in front of an Oriental house.
Drawing Room Drawing Room
An open drawing room of an Oriental house.
Curtained Chamber Curtained Chamber
Illustration of a curtained chamber.
Houses with One Court Houses with One Court
Illustration of houses with one court.
Basement Basement
Basement of Eastern house.
House With Awning House With Awning
A house with top awning.
Lodge In A Garden Lodge In A Garden
A lodge in a garden at Butaiha.
Balcony of a Chamber on the Wall Balcony of a Chamber on the Wall
Front view of the balcony of a chamber on the wall.
House with an Aliyah House with an Aliyah
Illustration of a house with an aliyah.