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Ancient Bible Customs - Wells

One Of The Wells Of Beer-sheba One Of The Wells Of Beer-sheba
Illustration of one of the wells of Beer-sheba, with its watering troughs and is considered of great antiquity as mentioned in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. The insufficiency of water in ancient times compelled men to dig wells and are considered a valuable possession often being made as objects of strife. The mouth of wells are covered with large stone in earlier times and requires several men to drag it aside to make the water accessible. A bucket or jar is then let down to be able to get water from these wells, sometimes wells also have flight of stone steps that one can descend to be able to reach the mouth of the well. Watering troughs made of stone stands near the well are filled with water for the use of flocks and herds.
Well At Thyatira Well At Thyatira
Illustration of the well at Thyatira, which is built of ancient marbles as mentioned in the Book of Numbers in the Bible.