Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Bible Customs - Transportation

Eastern Litter Eastern Litter
Illustration of Eastern litter or takhtravan. This was used by persons of wealth or rank and their families when journeying.
Papyrus Boat Papyrus Boat
Illustration showing how papyrus boat is made.
Boat of the Nile Boat of the Nile
Boat of the Nile, showing how the sail was fastened to the yard, and the nature of the rigging.
Kufa Kufa
A circular boat of wicker work, used on the Euphrates.
Ancient Ship Ancient Ship
Ancient ship from a painting at Pompeii.
Riding On Donkey Riding On Donkey
One of the most common transportation method during the bible times is by riding on donkeys or commonly called asses.
Group Of Camels Group Of Camels
Illustration of a group of camels.
Camels Camels
Camels are also used as a mode of transportation.
Chariot Of A Eunuch Chariot Of A Eunuch
A chariot in which the eunuch rode.
Ship Ship
Illustration of a ship used during bible times.
Trading Vessel Trading Vessel
Illustration of a trading vessel.
Rowing Gallies Rowing Gallies
Illustration of ancient rowing gallies.
Arabian Camel For Baggage Arabian Camel For Baggage
An Arabian camel, used for carrying baggages for travels.
Arabian Camel Arabian Camel
Arabian camel used for travels.
Cart Cart
Illustration of an Israelite cart, used for removal of agricultural produce.