Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Bible Customs - Plants

Aged Olive Tree Aged Olive Tree
Illustration of an aged olive tree. The fruit of the olive is black when ripe, but is often picked when green, it is then eaten after soaking with brine or cooked with meat.
Fruit Of Sycamore Fig Fruit Of Sycamore Fig
Illustration of the fruit of a sycamore fig.
Sycamore Fig Tree Sycamore Fig Tree
Illustration of the sycamore fig tree.
Cedars Of Lebanon Cedars Of Lebanon
Illustration of the tree called Cedars of Lebanon.
Valonia Tree Valonia Tree
The great prickly cupped oak or also called Valonia tree which was common in the Levant. The wood of this specie is of little value but the acorns form the valonia of commerce of which they were imported and was used by tanners.
Plane Tree Plane Tree
Illustration of a plane tree. This tree was mentioned thrice in the bible, it was among the speckled rods which Jacob placed in the watering troughs before the sheep.
Cypress Tree Cypress Tree
The cypress trees.
Saffron Saffron
Illustration of the saffron plant.
Ruta Graveolens Ruta Graveolens
The medicinal plant ruta graveolens.