Illustrated Bible History

Ancient Bible Customs - Water Vessels

Ancient And Modern Water Pitchers Ancient And Modern Water Pitchers
Various forms of ancient and modern water pitchers. These earthen jars of considerable size, sometimes have a capacity to contain twenty five gallons. These jars are ranged in rows and is buried in the earth, filled with water and covered over the mouth with flat stone, the porous nature of the jar keeps the water cool.
Woman Carrying Water Woman Carrying Water
An illustration of a woman carrying water, as mentioned in the Book of Genesis from the Bible. Usually women specifically young girls from each family is assigned to obtain the water supply for their family. They carry the jars on their head or shoulders.
Wooden Water Jug Wooden Water Jug
An ancient wooden water jug. This is cut out of pine wood and answers to the purpose of carrying water and keeping it quite cool if hung on the shady side of the horse or camel when travelling.
Earthen Jars And Water Pots Earthen Jars And Water Pots
Illustration of various kinds of earthen jars and water pots.
Ancient Jar Ancient Jar
Illustration of an ancient jar.
Large Stone Water Pot Large Stone Water Pot
A sketch of a large stone water pot that can contain from eighteen to twenty-seven gallons each.