Chart of Archaeological Periods

Archaeological and Historical Periods Chart


Paleolithic (Old Stone Age/Pre-Cave) before 10,000 BC

Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age/Cave 10,000-8,000 BC

Neolithic (New Stone Age)

Prepottery 8000-5500 BC

Pottery 5500-4000 BC

Chalcolithic (Copper Age) 4000-3000 BC

Bronze Age

Early Bronze Age (EB)

EB I 3000-2800 BC

EB II 2800-2500 BC

EB III 2500-2200 BC

EB IV 2200-2000 BC

Middle Bronze Age (MB)

MB I 2000-1800 BC

MB II 1800-1500 BC

Late Bronze Age (LB)

LB I 1500-1400 BC

LB II 1400-1200 BC

Iron Age

Iron I 1200-1000 BC

Iron II 1000-600 BC

Babylonian and Persian Periods 586-332 BC

Hellenistic Period 332-37 BC

Roman Period 37 BC-325 AD


Note: These divisions and dates are what is generally accepted in Biblical Archaeology although scholars do not agree on all details.



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