Ancient History Timeline

Ancient History Timeline

Ps 33:8-9 "Let all the earth fear the LORD; Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him, For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast"


Bible Chronology. Regarding the chronology of the Old Testament it is important to know that most of the dates cannot be determined with any sort of accuracy. For all of the dates concerning the life of Abraham and the patriarchs there is no accurate chronology from the standpoint of archaeology. This timeline of the ancient world follows the Biblical dating of Ussher's chronology which dates the creation of the world in 4004 BC. If this were true then the flood would've happened in 2348 BC and Abraham would've been born in 1996 BC. Moses would've been born in 1571 BC and the Hebrews would've escaped Egypt in 1491 BC and entered the land of Canaan in 1451 BC. Bible verses are given along with the date as well. Also see Timeline of the Pentateuch


Ancient Chronology. The major events that happened in the great civilizations of the ancient world are traced from various academic sources and dates become more certain as we approach the birth of Christ.


The Biblical Perspective on History. The Bible reveals a beginning and an end of world history. It reveals the truth about God's original intention for mankind and how sin entered the world.  The Bible also reveals what will happen at the very end of time. The best explanation of man's events in world history is probably best understood by taking a close look at the Temptation of Jesus Christ by Satan mentioned in Luke 4: Satan offered to Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would only bow down and worship him. Jesus responded, "It is written, you shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve." According to the Bible Satan fell or was cast out of heaven because he wanted to be worshipped like God, and throughout history and even now his purpose remains the same, he deceives mankind into following his way of thinking, and ultimately rebel against heaven, and by doing so they unknowlingly serve (worship) him. Satan's ultimate goal is to overthrow God and at the end of time he will get his chance, but he will lose according to the Scriptures. But what does Satan's fall have to do with world history? World history is best studied in the context of world empires, or one kingdom or another attempting to expand their boundaries and ultimately dominate the world. But where did this desire come from? The Bible reveals that Satan is the "ruler of this world" (John 12:31) and "the Prince of the power of the air" (Ephesians 2:2), and he is a spiritual being that cannot be seen with the five senses. Satan has been working throughout history, yet the Bible reveals that God has also been working fashioning every century of history with an ultimate goal in mind, that at the "fulness of time" (Galatians 4:4) He would send a Savior who would conquer the world through love, and anyone who would follow Him could be part of eternity with God, the creator of man. And to be clear on God's purpose He chose to come Himself, and to show His love by dying as a substitue, and cut the covenant with His own blood. World history is going to end after the final rebellion of Satan to overthrow God's kingdom, but God Himself defeats him and creates a new heaven and a new earth. The followers of Jesus are referred to as His bride, and they will be clothed with a new body created for eternity, and they will dwell in the new heaven and the new earth forever. Most will follow Satan in the rebellion (Matthew 7:14). There is no way to fully understand every detail but the message is clearly revealed in the Bible. This ancient history timeline reveals some main events that happened throughout world history from the creation of the world until the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. with a biblical perspective.








Ancient History Timeline

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Ancient History Timeline


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