First Century Jerusalem

Ancient Jerusalem - First Century Jerusalem

"Whoever has not seen Jerusalem in its splendor has never seen a fine city."Babylonian Talmud (Succah, 51b)


Primary Sources for the Study of First Century Jerusalem: Josephus, The Mishnah, The New Testament, Pliny.


Introduction to First Century Jerusalem 


City of Jerusalem Illustration

The Model at the Holyland Hotel (Aerial View)

Quotes About Jerusalem

The Land of Jerusalem

Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

Recent History of Jerusalem

Encyclopedia - Jerusalem

Heart Message


Adiabenian Palaces

Akeldama - Field of Blood

Antonia Fortress

City of David (Tomb)

Damascus Gate

Dyers Quarter

Gihon Spring

Golden Gate

Hasmonean Palace

Herod's Barracks

Herod's Bridge

Herod's Three Towers

Herod's Palace

Herod's Theater

Hezekiah's Tunnel

Hill of Calvary

Hinnom Valley

Hippicus Tower


Houses of the Lower City

Huldah Gates

Hyrcanus Monument

Kidron Valley

Lower City

Mariamne Tower

Market Pavilions

Jerusalem Model

Jerusalem Roads

Jerusalem Temple

Jerusalem Walls

Monument of Alexander Jannaeus

Mount of Olives

New City

Palace of Annas

Palace of Caiaphas

Phasael Tower

Pilate's Aqueduct

Pool of Bethesda

Pool of Siloam

Psephinus Tower

Robinson's Arch

Serpent's Pool

Synagogue of the Freedmen

Temple Facade

Royal Porticoes

Tomb of Absalom

Tomb of David

Tomb of Huldah

Tyropoeon Valley

Upper Agora

Upper City

Western Wall

Wilson's Arch

Women's Gate

Xystus Market


First Century Jerusalem

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