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Assyria will be Made a Desolation

King of Assyria

Zephaniah 2:13-15

13 And He will stretch out His hand against the north, Destroy Assyria, And make Nineveh a desolation, As dry as the wilderness.

14 The herds shall lie down in her midst, Every beast of the nation. Both the pelican and the bittern Shall lodge on the capitals of her pillars; Their voice shall sing in the windows; Desolation shall be at the threshold; For He will lay bare the cedar work.

15 This is the rejoicing city That dwelt securely, That said in her heart, "I am it, and there is none besides me." How has she become a desolation, A place for beasts to lie down! Everyone who passes by her Shall hiss and shake his fist.


Nineveh was so utterly devastated that its location was lost to the memory of man until rediscovered by archaeologists during the nineteenth century.

This prophecy has been literally fulfilled. Sheep graze today on the very site where proud Nineveh once stood.

Archaeologists have excavated portions of this great city, including the huge winged figures of bulls with human heads that stood on each side of the main gate and symbolized her power.

It is interesting that the birds mentioned here as having a dwelling place here, exist here in abundance.

At one time Nineveh was the proud capital of Assyria, the home town of mighty kings like Sennacherib and Esarhaddon. It has become a place of desolation and ruin.

Everyone that passeth by her shall hiss and shake his fist: These actions are signs of contempt and shame.