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Timeline of Events



933 The Division of the Kingdom

900 Assyria Becomes a World Power

820 The Lord Began to "Cut Off" Israel

734 The Captivity of Northern Israel by Tiglath-Pileser III

722 The End of the Northern Kingdom by Sargon II

721 28,000 Israelites Are Deported

720 Sargon Invades Judah

713 Sargon Invades Philistia, Edom and Moab

713 Isaiah Warns Judah Not Ask Egypt For Help

713 Sargon II Invades Judah Again

710 Sargon II Conquers Egypt

705 Sennacherib Becomes King of Assyria

702 Sennacherib Devastates Northern Judah and Lachish

701 Sennacherib Attacks Jerusalem

701 The Assyrian Army is Smote by God

612 Assyria is Destroyed by Babylon

609 The Assyrian Empire Comes to an End