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Reconstructions Sketches of ancient cities & monuments from archaeology.

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Ancient Israel Map. This growing map shows the cities existing during the time of Jesus, the first century AD.

Israel, The Center of the World. Little did the descendants of Abraham, also known as the Hebrews, realize what was in store for them as they entered into the land of Canaan. Their relatively small territory was right in the heart of the ancient world and on the borders of three gigantic land masses, Asia, Africa and Europe. Every great kingdom around them, from the north, south, east and west, along with their conquering monarchs would be confronted with Israel and learn about their people, their laws and the holy Oracles of the One whose kingdom will never pass away.

Seasons and Months in Palestine. Everyday life in Palestine was largely affected by that which was beyond the control of man, the seasons and the weather. This section contains a brief sketch of the seasons, climate, rainfall, dews, and months of Palestine.

Jerusalem Fashioned For A King. Long before the threshing floor of Araunah was ever purchased by David or the Temple of Solomon had ever become a twinkle in Solomon's eye, Jerusalem had long been strategically set apart in the providence of an Almighty God as the city of the great King. Not until the foundations of the great Temple of Solomon were being laid was there even the slightest glimpse of the wealth of resources available below the ground level of the magnificent city of Jerusalem.

The Influence of the Mediterranean Sea. Everything came to Palestine by way of the Great Sea. The Roman rule and the procurator who condemned Jesus to death; as well as the Greek language, and that Greek view of life which not only created the ten cities of Decapolis but deeply influenced the more liberal Jews.

Ancient Roman Roads. The Roman road was the bloodstream of the empire. Merchants paid taxes to Rome on all their transactions, and they needed the roads to carry their goods to an ever-widening market. Legionnaires marched upon them swiftly gaining efficient access to battle. In a sense, the roads were funding and facilitating Roman expansion. Yet God had a higher purpose. A new kind of merchant would soon be traversing the entire Mediterranean area, not one who transports his treasure to the city marketplace, but one who is a treasure, and who carries true riches, - not to sell, but to give away freely.

Growing up in Nazareth. Nazareth was a special place chosen by God for Jesus to grow up. From His home in Nazareth he could see a wealth of historical landmarks, as well as the growing cultures of the world, and nature's allegorical lessons.

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