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The Antonia Fortress Location

In ancient times there were very deep valleys surrounding Jerusalem on every side except the north. This made it impossible to attack Jerusalem from any direction except the north side. Herod the Great had determined that the north side needed to be heavily protected. The Antonia Fortress was built on the north side of the Temple in order to protect the vulnerable north side of the city. (It is important to note that Titus Vespasian attacked the city of Jerusalem from the north in 70 A.D.) The Antonia Fortress was located on the northwest corner of the Temple Mount overlooking the Temple area and the city of Jerusalem.

The Northwest Corner of the Temple (see picture below).

These photos are from an archaeological reproduction of first century Jerusalem, located in Jerusalem.


The Fortress of Antonia was built in 35 B.C. and named in honor of Herodís friend and Roman Triumvir Marcus Antonius also known as Mark Antony. It was actually Mark Anthony who had requested that the Senate make Herod King of Judea as an eastern boundary to the Roman Empire. At some point the Romans took over the Antonia Fortress and placed a garrison there.

Titus Vespasian attacked the city of Jerusalem from the north side in 70 A.D. and overcame it. The legions of Rome slaughtered over a million Jews and 95,000 Jewish captives were taken away as prisoners.