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Archaeology of Ancient Assyria



assyrian_head.jpg This digital booklet covers a brief overview of the archaeology of ancient Assyria. The variety of topics include archaeological expeditions of the Assyrian cities of Khorsabad, Nineveh, Calah and Asshur and the men who excavated the mounds in the nineteenth century. It also includes images and descriptions of archaeological discoveries from the palaces of the five main kings of the Assyrian Empire. There are also Scripture references, historical information, Dictionary and Encyclopedia references and a list of the later Assyrian kings.


Since the mounds were first excavated until now there have been literally hundreds of thousands of inscribed tablets and monuments uncovered. Teams of archaeologists have come from Britain, France, Germany, America and all over the world to dig among the ruins of the Tigris Euphrates Valley. From the vast number of artifacts less than one-quarter have been accurately deciphered and published.


The testimony of history in a land that goes back to the earliest days of the human race accurately confirms what has been written in the Bible. Archaeology gives us a validation that the Bible is the truth.


"Heaven and earth will pass away but My Word will abide forever."